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On February 25, 2017 at noon, two large trucks carrying two underground mining diesel LHD and two underground mining trucks slowly drive out of Zhaoyuan Huafeng Machinery Equipment Co., LTD. A few days later, the trucks will move straightly to the west along the path of ancient Silk Road to the republic of Kazakhstan. It is the first batch of export products of Zhaoyuan Huafeng Machinery & Equipment Co., LTD. in 2017, Zhaoyuan huafeng Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Zhaoyuan city-China's gold capital of Shandong. Adhering to the "quality change mining" business philosophy, we dedicated to research, development and manufacture the non- coal mine underground mining equipment. Over a few short years, we got a sustained and rapid development, has now become the leading r&d, design, product and sales integrated of non- coal mine mining engineering professional equipment manufacturers.

At present, the four series of products which are more than 20 models have been sold well throughout our country, including underground LHD and underground mining trucks have been exported to Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries.

The four series products are the electric (diesel) LHD of 0.6 cbm, 1 cbm, 2 cbm and 3 cbm, the hydraulic rock breaker of seat-fixed rotary and swing type, the underground mining trucks of 12t, 16t, 20t, 25t, and the downhole wet brake manned car.

In recent years, Zhaoyuan Huafeng Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the country's major strategy of building the "One Belt and One Road", seized the opportunity of developing, vigorously explored the international market, and successively developed with several mining companies in Central Asian countries and domestic export trade. The establishment of a cooperative relationship has laid a solid foundation for the company to enter the international market. The 2 cbm LHD and two 16t underground mining trucks dispatched to Kazakhstan are the starting of this year's product exports. It is reported that in recent days, businessmen from Kazakhstan and Russia will continue to sign a contract for the purchase of mining equipment with Huafeng Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. At the same time, Huafeng Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently negotiating with exporters of mining equipment in Chile, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other countries.

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